A poem


By Tabby Carless-Frost / 15 October 2019


Illustration by Tabby Carless-Frost

Just imagine it,

A complicit carbon nation

Raised on a legacy of isolation,

Passed along from palm

to palm oil plantation.


Swallow your ionised inheritance

Man's main: two meat, no veg.

A self righteous disavowal

Fuelled by ignorance and coal.


Eternally delayed reaction,

Deaf ears hear calls to action,

As a threat that keeps mounting

Shatters down a mountain range of ice.


World crisis made mundane,

Switch channel, stay disaffected:

The psychology of small wins tells us

‘Stay calm, complacent and placated’.


Individuation bred a separation.

Man is not an island,

but instead a submerged hill.

The genius loci of our planet

has been drowned in oil spills.


A spike in atmospheric levels

of industrialised thought

Pushes warning into peril,

As compassion shuts its port.


All too reliant on the penchant,

As a single occupant,

flat-pack tenant,

Too busy, too dependant,

on consumption's happy ruse.


A congestion in perception

Made so huge to stunt the view,

Made to feel too small to think;

Ignorance will make a fossil out of you.


Not in the mind of future generations,

But in the now of negating nations,

We are watching the system's degeneration

From the last patch-of-ground on which to stand.


Art by

Words by
tabby carless-frost

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