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By Chloe French / 14th February 2020


I’m sure I’m not alone in noticing that sex is the topic on everyone’s lips at the moment. It’s hard to put my finger on why: perhaps it’s the long winter nights, cuffing season, Valentine’s Day, or that we’re all just on a plight for pleasure! As the female orgasm is gradually demystified, sex toys are finally being acknowledged as a staple for everyone’s bedroom, whether this be to take your solo play to the next level, or enhance your pleasure with a partner.

Once upon a time, the mention of sex toys would have been met with images of big black false phalluses and noisy, embarrassing vibrators, but this is changing. Sex toys are becoming beautifully crafted, non-threatening objects which are carefully designed to help facilitate your nut. So, without further ado, here is my by-no-means-definitive, tried-and-tested list of the 5 essential sex toys you need in your life. Happy playing!

1. Rocks Off Bullet - for those who want targeted clit stimulation


A modern classic, this list wouldn’t be complete without a bullet. Bullets are small and discreet, but that doesn’t mean they pack any less of a punch. This Rocks Off bullet from Lovehoney is purse friendly at only £16.99 and pussy friendly, with 10 different settings so you can really play and work out what you like! Bullets are great for play alone or with a partner, as their small size fits nicely in between bodies or in your bag if you want some on-the-go fun! Bullets are a great first toy, particularly with a partner as their cute size is non-intimidating and far removed from phallic imitation. For a few more pounds, you can also get a rechargeable version so you never have to stop.

2. The Lovehoney Silencer - for your first toy, or just to widen your repertoire


A real all-rounder, the Lovehoney Silencer is pink, rumbly and whisper quiet. This toy can be used for internal (including g-spot) stimulation, or just as a clitoral stimulation so you can play around with what feels good without investing loads! Its vibrations increase gradually by turning a wheel rather than a button - which jumps through different settings - allowing for gradual, tentative play. What’s more, this toy is true to its name and impressively quiet considering its power, which is great for those who may worry about housemates or parents hearing - the only noises you’ll have to worry about are your own!

3. Butt Plugs - for those looking to experiment


Taking the focus away from the vulva for a minute, butt plugs come in all different shapes, sizes and materials and can be a great gateway into anal-sex, or just something to spice things up! Butt plugs don’t have to be a training exercise: they increase the sensation of vaginal intercourse, and can be a great tool for sub/dom play. When entering the big wide world of anal play, it’s important to have anal lube (and lots of it) handy, not force anything, and, most importantly, have fun! Butt plugs and anal play in general are often placed under a porn-centric male gaze, but who’s saying you can’t spice up your solo sex life with one of these to test things out?!

Butt plugs could have a top 5 all by themselves, but I have included a few super cute, affordable beginners options (how CUTE is the glass one?):

4. Womanizer - for anyone who loves oral sex


Two words… Clit Suckers! The Womanizer is a totally new kind of toy that everyone is speaking about. This toy is perfect for anyone who is looking for a gentle, non-abrasive, beautiful toy which still paves the way to climax. Ever been laying in bed wishing there was a way to get head without having to invite anyone over? The Womanizer has you covered. It simulates oral sex by using air to gently suck your clit in soft vibrations without actually touching it, leading to a whole new kind of orgasm. A truly futuristic wank.

5. The Doxy - for power queens


Last but certainly not least is the Doxy Massage wand, Europe’s answer to the famous Hitachi Magic Wand. She’s big, she’s loud, she’s powerful and, most importantly, she will deliver the best orgasm of your LIFE! Whilst the Doxy may look intimidating at first, its multiple modes allow for you to play at the lowest setting and work your way up to its earthshaking, unbeatable power. The Doxy takes the focus away from the clit alone, and its large head stimulates all of your often neglected pleasure spots to deliver an orgasm like no other. It’s no wonder so many sex experts cite the Doxy as their number one. So plug me in, and turn me on!

It is important to note here that with every vulva being so beautifully different, something which may work for one vulva bearer may do nothing for another. Whilst some vulvas love a gentle suck like the one that comes from the Womaniser, others may need the motor power only the Doxy massage wand can provide. Either way, introducing a sex toy into the bedroom is something you are not going to regret. 


Introducing sex toys into the bedroom for couples play:

Using a sex toy in during solo play is one thing, but the thought of introducing sex toys into the bedroom is an entirely different matter. Often, introducing sex toys whilst playing with a parter may be met with questions of why your partner isn’t able to bring you to climax alone, or even cause some size anxiety depending on the outlook of your partner. But in reality, toys in the bedroom are only ever there to help enhance the pleasure you are already giving each other. This is an important thing to stress when broaching this subject with a partner, and letting them hold the toy or using it during sex will make them part of delivering the pleasure. And if dirty talk or voyeurism is your vibe, asking your partner ‘do you want me to come for you?’ or ‘Do you want to watch me come?’ can be a huge turn on for you both. Introducing sex toys into the bedroom has always been a turn on for my partners, and can add a really fun element to power play. Also, let’s not forget that your partner can use your toys on themselves, so what’s not to like?!

Words by
Chloe French

Art by

Lena Blacker

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