Give me 5...Ways to Elevate your outfit


By Jess Moody





Finding a stand-out piece which can be worn with multiple items from your wardrobe allows you to express your style and stand out from the crowd. Jackets and trousers with interesting patterns can be matched with plainer skirts, dresses and tops; and if you are feeling brave, clashing prints and colours can look sick if executed properly! Equally, for those of you who love an all-black minimal look, adding a small pop of colour – bright green or orange works well – adds a point of interest to your look. This can be as simple as the stitching on your trousers, the lining of your coat, or eyeshadow colour. Mix-and matching various styles also avoids looking too ‘samey’; for example, a lace ‘dainty’ dress combined with chunky trainers and an oversized coat adds dimension to your outfit.

TOP TIP: When wearing a statement piece with multiple colours, find the least dominant colours in that piece, and use these as a basis for the rest of your outfit. This draws attention to otherwise understated colours, and avoids wearing too much of another.



Makeup is not mandatory. However, in this selfie-saturated world, the idea of makeup as necessary in order to ‘be attractive’ can deter you from wearing it. Instead, viewing makeup in terms of your personal artistry palette to have fun and experiment with is empowering, and a form of self-expression. This does not have to equate to full-coverage (although this looks equally good!) It can be as small as drawing on cute shapes with eyeliner, accentuating bushy brows, sparkly shadow, neon nails, coloured mascara, a bright lipstick – anything eye-catching! A natural face with one or two from this list still makes a statement, and only takes a short while.

Check out @v93oo, @sydn4sty ,@theartistedit and @kickiyangz on Instagram for inspiration.

TOP TIP: Not everyone can master a feline flick, so experiment with liquid eyeliner to find what best works for you. Find one which stands out against your skin – for example, blue against lighter tones, yellow against darker – and draw on dots, hearts, stars, or interestingly shaped lines (see @ovo.veggo's bright pink look) for a different take on a classic look.





Own your look! Just because something is not currently fashionable or on trend should not deter you from wearing it. Your style should reflect YOU – it’s an act of self-expression and a creative outlet to be utilised for personal growth and enjoyment. Experiment with various cuts, colour, prints and statements to develop a signature style that you feel comfortable and look great in. Everyone experiences days where you feel self-conscious or low (hello mood swings and period bloating, thank you for rearing your ugly head), but this does not mean you have to resort to baggy pyjama bottoms in bed.

TOP TIP: Layering looks always looks good and hides period bloating – a long-sleeve, layered under a tee with skater jeans and chunky shoes is perfect for a casual look.


Layer up necklaces, wear a cute hat, grab that mini bag; any outfit can be completely transformed with just a few accessories! Vintage items are always a great choice, so scour eBay and charity shops for some rare finds. I love art-deco or 80s jewellery at the moment, and you can purchase the real deal for a relatively inexpensive price. Even brightly coloured socks against monotone trainers make a huge difference. Alani Figueroa (@wuzg00d) is on top of accessorising game.

TOP TIP: Statement jewellery elevates any simple outfit! Large acrylic earrings, rhinestone necklaces and thick chains are all great options.



Be careful when ordering online, ESPECIALLY Depop. Depop has an incredible selection of vintage, handmade or pre-owned items. However, a lot of sellers rip you off by selling wholesale items, which they buy in bulk for cheap, for a significantly higher price. Type in ‘abstract face earrings’ onto eBay (which are everywhere at the moment), and you will see what I mean. Moreover, avoid purchasing fast-fashion where possible.

The impact of fast-fashion on the environment is detrimental, and the claim that it is ‘cheaper’ is false! Yes, fast-fashion is easily accessible and less of a hassle; but what is worth more – the earth or your outfit? Aside from encouraging you to find items which you really like (as opposed to that which the internet suggests you should like, by way of targeted advertising), charity shops, eBay, independent brands, vintage shops or Depop are likely to stock rare finds which, whether designer or not, is much more gratifying. Having to search slightly harder to find that one special piece pays off.

TOP TIP: When in charity shops or vintage markets, Google the brand of the item you intend to buy! Even if you personally dislike the item, it could be of rare origin or highly-sought after. You could purchase and sell on the item, or save and swap it with something else of equal value.

Words by
Jess Moody

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